Why do you keep hiccuping whenever you see me?


Im sorry…
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Thank you for not telling the truth. Otherwise, I would have certainly fallen for you. And then, very soon, you would have learned just how hard I am to love. How impatient I am. How dislikable. In truth I am a selfish bitch who really doesn’t know how to love. That’s why, eventually, all the men I’ve loved discovered very quickly how loveable other girls were and left me. Thankfully, you didn’t say anything. Thankfully… You are my very best friend. 

In Time With You tore me apart as a whole, but this scene in particular destroyed me. Mainly because I relate on more levels than I’d like to admit.


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That awkward moment when everyone else understands it but you don’t:


but you still act like you did:

because you’ll just Google it later.


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